In one of my recent journal entries, I introduced the concepts of Feng Shui and the Bagua map. In this journal, I'll take you behind the scenes of the making of "WIND & WATER". 

In an exploratory combination of culture and nature, I embarked on a creative journey inspired by the Bagua map and its eight life areas. Through the lens of Eastern Feng Shui beliefs, I looked to my local landscape on the Western Dingle Peninsula for symbols and motifs that I could use to explore the life areas. 

Each original painting is a vibrant reflection of the elements associated with feng shui, the unique energies found in this rugged coastal landscape and my own personal symbolism. 


NORTHEAST - This life area is associated with Knowledge & Wisdom. Our Irish ancient ancestors and druids often believed that trees held the wisdom of the cosmos. This abstracted painting of a majestic tree symbolises the wisdom and knowledge deeply embedded in our natural surroudings and history. 

"Tree of Wisdom"


NORTH - This life area is associated with Career & Life Path. There is a beautiful river walk near my studio. In ancient Ireland, rivers, were often viewed as portals to the underworld and as sources of inspiration. In Feng Shui, rivers can be seen as symbols of our own life paths. I tried to capture a sense of gentle flow, of peace and wonder in this abstracted depiction of the river near my home. 

"River of Good Fortune"


NORTHWEST - this life area is associated with Travel, Helpful People & Spiritual Beings. The sound of birdsong in the morning inspired this piece. The birds flying through the sky echo the feeling of travel. The abstracted shapes of the birds hint at angelic wings and spiritual beings, guiding us. The flock, a symbol of community and those who can help us. 

"Spirit Guides"


WEST - this life area is associated with Children, Fertility & Creativity. I thought about fertility in terms of having a fertile mind, creative ideas and a childlike curiosity. The first ever painting I created was of a flower. Flowers and floral motifs reappear in my work again and again. The womb-like shaped vessel provides a base from which a bursting array of springtime flowers bloom. This piece was created around the time of Imbolc, a celtic festival associated with the goddess Bridget, Bríd. Imbolc, means in-belly.  

"Inner Spring"


SOUTHWEST - This life area is associated with Love, Partnerships and Relationships. In Feng Shui, Swans are often used as a symbol for love and partnership. I was inspired by the swans at Blennerville, and recently, at Ventry. Pinks, yellows and sunset hues dapple across the surface of this abstracted painting. Two ethereal swans glide to one another, their presence, gentle and comforting. 



SOUTH - this life area is associated with Fame and Reputation. The south energy is one of sunshine and fire. I thought about the sunflowers that were planted and grew in Lispole on the side of the road last summer. They brought me so much joy driving past them. This single sunflower stalk rises up the canvas, it's tall head beams and shines apologetically outwards like the sun. This piece is a reminder to keep on shining. 

"Thinking about Sunflowers"


SOUTHEAST - This life area is about Wealth and Prosperity. I thought about our ancient ancestors and their connection with the sea. The sea and it's (once) thriving marine life as symbols of abundance and vitality. Hidden treasures and gems can be found in this abstracted painting, with its intricate layers of mark making. In Feng Shui, fish are symbols of prosperity and good fortune. You will often see one black fish, swimming in an opposite direction, representing protection. 

"Lucky Fish"



EAST - finally, this life area is associated with Family & Ancestors. I thought about trees as symbols of familial connections. The definition of family is usually born of blood, but it doesn't depend on blood. It can be open, expansive and unique. Family members can be friends and neighbors, people you hold close to. Trees are seen as symbols of interconnection, of oneness.  This painting is inspired by a tree just outside my studio. I wanted it to feel mystical and grounding, ethereal and earthly.

"Tree of Life"


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